The Foxlady

Books The Crimson Vixen

The preordained couple meet when Leigh discovers an orphaned fox and keeps her as a secret companion. In time it is revealed his Kit is also a fierce female pirate. The Druids determine the pair are destined to rule Ireland. As a fox she is clever. As a woman she is enchanting. Can Leigh set aside his devotion to King Arthur to be with the woman of his dreams? Available now from Amazon. In both e-book form or hard copy

Fox Tales

A collection of two Fox Tales.

Two Tales of Love

Mark of the Fox

Can an enchanted fox and a scarred prince follow the predestined course the Druids have set for them? They fight against the constraints of royalty, but in the end the falconer becomes a willing regent and the fox, his more-than-willing wife. 

The Fox and the Swan

To save her family, a girl becomes a swan. The man she loves is enchanted by a witch into a fox. Can the pair unite as humans and save her family? True love triumphs over evil with the aid of a druid, a bishop, and a goddess.. This book is also available in paperback on amazon.

Eye of the Dragon

Two lands must be saved from extinction. Can the task be carried out by a fox, a dragon and an ermine? These vastly different species combine their efforts, dedication and skills to protect a land from being lost as was Atlantis. Available now on Amazon

A new Fox Tale. An orphaned Pixie is ousted because of her size and left to fend for herself. She learns to raise dragons. All is well until an evil woman steals the dragons and poisons them. Can Silvermist save her dragons and the community? Will she ever find her true mate? Now Available on Amazon